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This issue came up when I recently restarted my MacBook.

MySLQ was installed to my Mac using Homebrew, so I checked the whether MySQL is running using the following command


It showed that the service is running. So I went to mysql installation folder and ran the following command.

This gave me the following error.

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/libssl.1.0.0.dylib
Referenced from: /usr/local/Cellar/mysql/8.0.15/bin/my_print_defaults Reason: image not found

I decided to reinstall openssl and ran the following command.

This gave me another error.

Error: Refusing to uninstall /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2t
because it is required by apr-util, curl-openssl, freetds, glib, httpd, krb5, libevent, libpq, libssh2, mysql, nghttp2, nginx, openldap, php, python, [email protected] and rtmpdump, which are currently installed.

Brew Install Mysql Workbench

So I updated the homebrew and tried to uninstall openssl using --ignore-dependencies flag

After removing openssl, I reinstalled it. You can install openssl using one of the following commands.

Mysql Workbench Brew Instructions

Final step was to link openssl. To link openssl, run the following command.

Mysql workbench free download

Thats it. I was able to connect to MySQL using MySQL Workbench. Hope this helps.

About the App

  • App name: MySQL Workbench
  • App description: mysqlworkbench (App:
  • App website:

Install the App

  1. Press Command+Space and type Terminal and press enter/return key.
  2. Run in Terminal app:
    ruby -e '$(curl -fsSL' 2> /dev/null
    and press enter/return key. If you are prompted to enter your Mac's user password, enter it (when you type it, you wont see it on your screen/ but it would accept the input; this is to ensure no one can see your password on your screen while you type it. So just type password and press enter, even if you dont see it on your screen). Then wait for the command to finish.
  3. Run:
    brew install mysqlworkbench

Mysql Workbench Brewery

Done! You can now use MySQL Workbench.